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In this high paced, on line, 140 character or less obsessed world, it is easy to forget that behind the imaginary conflicts and threats projected by our Christmas and Summer blockbusters lie real, tangible threats with a power every bit as devastating as any alien armada or zombie swarm.


Nuclear proliferation is a problem. We still possess globally the ability to kill millions of people in a single attack, and to eliminate all life on earth several times over. The loss of life, the long lasting environmental impact, the destruction of nations, cultures and even civilization is within the grasp of anyone who has a button tied to a nuclear bomb.
We are here to help limit and ultimately eliminate this threat, a threat that has existed in this world for more than 70 years. And while the threat may seem dormant, its potential for destruction is unabated.


Nuclear Proliferation:

The first step in the process is to limit the number of nuclear powers in the world. While the current nuclear powers may not be perfect and the threat of nuclear attack initiated by any one of them is real, they at least have a track record of not responsibility regarding the nuclear option. This is not true of some of the emerging organizations and states whose willingness to use violence against citizens makes keeping them away from nuclear materials a priority. We, and the organizations we support and endorse, are dedicated to the goal of making the world a place free of the threat of nuclear holocaust.


This is a politically hot topic, as many of the countries seeking nuclear armament point with some justification at other countries, some of them enemies, who already have the bomb. Maintaining dialog while advancing the goal of reducing the spread of nuclear arms is a tricky business.


Nuclear Disarmament:

The next logical step towards a global security is to dismantle the exiting stockpiles of weapons, and disposing of their components so as to prevent their being used by other states to start the process all over again. This is again a problem, as the two largest nuclear superpowers have stockpiles of weapons number over 7,000 units each. We are dedicated to seeing these numbers shrink, with corresponding reductions from the other nuclear powers. While reduction is not the total answer, it takes dangerous pieces off the board which improves global security overall.



If you are interested in participating in the nuclear disarmament movement in a real way, we maintain a list of organizations who have shown promise in their efforts to reduce the world wide menace of nuclear attack and accidents. Some of these groups, like Greenpeace are committed based on the environmental effects of a nuclear incident, while others, like The International Campaign to Ban Nuclear Weapons, look at the inhumane nature of weapons of mass destruction. Whatever the motivation behind your interest in disarmament, there are organizations who share your views and goals.


We are committed to Keeping you up to date on nuclear disarmament issues and threats, as well as highlighting progress on the part of the many organizations dedicated to making the planet a nuclear weapons free zone.